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The mission of the OCVN program is to promote awareness and citizen stewardship of Ohio's natural resources through science-based education and community service.


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  NOW Open to the Public! REGISTER before April 18th for the 2014 OCVN State Conference! Field Trip Descriptions, Session Topics, Speaker Bios and REVISED Conference Brochure  and Registration at Bottom of Page Only 39 spaces available as of April 2, 2014 Registration...
Welcome to the Wood County Park District!  Your Natural Places For Fun! Remnants of our Ohio Natural Heritage such as the Black Swamp Woods, Maumee River Floodplains and Wildflower Meadows can be explored in the Wood County Parks.  Beautiful Oak Savannas and Prairies await visitors to...
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  Ohio Birds and Biodiversity by Jim McCormac - Ohio Division of Wildlife http://jimmccormac.blogspot.com/   Ohio Birds and Biodiversity by Jim McCormac - Ohio Division of Wildlife http://jimmccormac.blogspot.com/ A romp through the diverse flora and fauna of Ohio. From Timber...
The Chicagoist  - Chuck Sudo in News on Apr 15, 2014 3:30 pm It was only last month that the Great Lakes were 90 percent covered in ice and while we wait for our sputtering spring to finally take hold, as of April 10, 48 percent of the freshwater reserve’s 96,000 square miles...
Hooded mergansers are the smallest North American mergansers. They are often seen in pairs, or very small flocks. Short, rapid wing strokes create an impression of great speed. The hooded merganser is one of two cavity-nesting ducks that regularly breed in Ohio. (The other is the wood duck.) Hooded...
The Lake Erie Fisheries Unit is using electrofishing to collect walleye from the Sandusky River, April 2nd, 2014. Walleye are being used for a telemetry project and for annual assessments of age, growth, and maturity. Electrofishing temporarily stuns the fish, which will recover shortly after being...