Current Volunteers

To receive and maintain your OCVN certification, you may volunteer with any organization(s) in Ohio that has a compatible mission with the OCVN program (i.e., to promote awareness and stewardship of Ohio’s environment and natural resources) and does not involve advocacy.   If you have any questions about your volunteer service location or activity, please contact your course host or Anne Baird, the OCVN State Program Coordinator at or 614-292-8403.

Please Note: Taking the 40 hour OCVN course or becoming an Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalist does not automatically mean that you are also a volunteer with The Ohio State University. The process to become an OSU volunteer is separate and distinct from the process to become an OCVN.  Some OCVN's will volunteer with their local OSU Extension office but most OCVN's will fulfill their volunteer service hour requirements with other organizations such as local and state parks, nature centers, arboretums, and similar entities.  For more information on this topic, click on FAQ link here.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with The Ohio State University, please contact Anne Baird ( or by phone 614-292-8603), your  local OSU Extension office or the OSU office of volunteer relations at to see if there are opportunities near you.  On-going OSU volunteers will have to fulfill specific requirements including completing an application, an interview and a background check, and will be limited to the activities outlined in their volunteer position description.  These activities will support research and/or education and outreach programs sponsored or co-sponsored by The Ohio State University.