American Chestnut Growers Workshop & Tour

Learn how to bring back the chestnut through a morning workshop featuring presentations by TACF researchers, followed by a tour of nearby chestnut sites. These sites were developed through partnership with TACF, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, and US Army Corps of Engineers.

Speakers include:

  • Dr. Greg Miller, who is a board member of the American Chestnut Foundation (“TACF”) will be leading the workshop.
  • Sara Fitzsimmons, TACF’s regional science coordinator from Penn State, is trying to free her schedule to also present.  

The goal is to increase engagement and knowledge for TACF members, and provide update on current research into bringing back this tree species. Participants will be given at least one pure American seedling, a handful of seeds, and some tree shelters. Hopefully these will serve as mother trees once pollen from blight-resistant trees becomes available. We will also tour a planting of potential blight resistant trees from TACF’s breeding program that were planted at Mosquito Lake last spring.