Citizen Science for Continuing Education

2-Day Summer Teacher's Workshop

Wednesday, July 31st and Thursday, August 1st, 2019 we will have our Summer Teacher's Workshop. This year, our goal is to inspire you to take part in this movement!  It may just be the answer to some pretty serious questions. The term "citizen science" has been used to describe a range of ideas but we hope to start your journey by offering a path to participation in projects where you and your students will volunteer in assisting scientists (who can’t be everywhere) in answering real world questions by collecting data, observing, monitoring, and more. We may get our hands dirty, but we’ll also be using our senses to assess, define, question, hypothesize, manage, and most importantly aid in improving our environment and support methods that can only enhance our world.

Day 1: Experts will tell us the many ways data can be collected, why its collection is so valuable and who benefits from the final calculations. We’ll also hear from seasoned volunteers who have spent time in the field as “Citizen Scientists” and individuals who have made it their careers being the ‘foot soldiers’ in the field.

Day 2: Plan on traveling to hot spots of data collection, utilizing tips and game plans that will set you up nicely for your ‘real world’ observations and accumulations of knowledge.

We hope you’ll join us for this two day workshop where we’ll provide you with 12.5 hours of hands-on curriculum, approved learning and participation that we feel will aid in strengthening the relationship between people and their world. Suited for grades K-12 and aligning with Ohio Academic Standards, we’ll once again offer great food, publications to aid you in the classroom  and Ashland University credit if so desired. Visit our website at or call our office for details or a registration form!

Go to for more details! Still have questions? Please give me a call or email!

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