Educator's Week Registration extended

Jun 6, 2021 through Jun 9, 2021, 4:00pm - 4:30pm
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Robyn Wright-Strauss, Educator Week Coordinator
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Join us for the 12th year of Educators’ Week as we come together using 21st century technology! While we are unable to offer a traditional, in-person event, you can still expect to have a wonderful and restorative time! Educators’ Week will take place wherever you are starting on Sunday afternoon, June 6, 2021 with the Welcome Session beginning at 4:00pm (opening 1/2 hour before start time). 

Educators’ Week has had a long tradition of providing top-notch educational experiences to the region’s formal and non-formal educators. It has consistently been a place of rejuvenation and connections, both new and old. This year will be no exception! Yes, the format will be different, but we will be offering the same quality of presenters, hands-on activities and inspirations for the upcoming school year.