Malabar School 4th Grade Nature Journaling Program needs volunteers

Feb 25, 2019 through Mar 29, 2019, 8:30am - 1:45pm
Gorman Nature Center, 295 Lexington Ave, Mansfield, OH 44907
Katherine Peresie

OCVNs, Please consider volunteering for the Malabar School 4th Grade Nature Journaling Program.

We are an outreach program of Richland County Park District (Gorman Nature Center) run by volunteers. The goal is to get kids outside, help them enjoy and engage with nature, and support their learning. The program was pilot-tested in spring 2017 and implemented starting in 2017/2018.

Here's the plan for this year's 4th Grade Program:

  • One class attends each session. After the lesson is introduced by the volunteers, the class splits into two small groups of ~12 kids.
  • We take the groups out onto the school's woods trail. One group enters the woods at the upper trail entrance, the other at the lower trail entrance. If the weather is bad, we'll do some (or all) of the work inside the classroom.
  • Each small group has either two volunteers, or a volunteer and the teacher, who work with the kids during the session. Volunteers always have a partner during the session.
  • Everyone gets a 5-gallon bucket with lid that serves as a carrying container for supplies and as a seat. Supplies are: a clipboard, a half-sheet of art paper, a pencil pouch with art supplies.
  • The sessions are 1.5 hours. That time includes donning and shedding boots (provided) and other winter wear. Volunteers will need to stay over 15-30 minutes to get supplies prepped for the next session.
  • We start the last week of February and go through March.
  • We need three to four volunteers per session.
  • Volunteers sign up for one day per week for the 5 weeks.
  • There are eleven 4th grade classes so that means eleven 1.5 hour sessions. The schedule is for two sessions per day Monday through Thursday (8:30-10:00 and 11:45-1:15) and three sessions on Friday (8:39-10:00, 10:15-11:45, and 12:15-1:45). You may commit to all sessions for the day or just 1 or 2 sessions. If you need to miss a week, other volunteers will step up to cover for you.
  • Training (~ two hours) will be offered the third week of February. We'll have a couple of options available to accommodate volunteers' schedules.

NOTE: The field trip week will be the week of May 6th at Gorman Nature Center. Mark your calendars!!

Please volunteer! You don't have to be an artist, a writer, or a teacher (by profession) to do this. You simply have to guide the kids in making their nature journals -- and optionally make one of your own.

If you do volunteer, please let me know which days of the week you're available so I can put the puzzle-of-a-schedule together. (I won't schedule you for more than one day per week!)

I'm happy to answer any questions..Katherine Peresie