Migratory Birds-A DAY in the WOODS!

Our April 9th program will focus on Migratory Birds. Featured speakers include Matthew Shumar (Program Coordinator, Ohio Bird Conservation Initiative, The Ohio State University SENR), Stephen Matthews (Associate Professor, The Ohio State University SENR) and Brad Perkins (Executive Director, Ohio Forestry Association). 

Spring has arrived and we are excited to announce the 2021 program agenda for A DAY in the WOODS.

Due to COVID-19, these programs will be offered virtually each month until we get authorization to conduct them on sitOe and in person.  At that time, we hope to offer most of the programs in a hybrid format with both live and in-person options.  Our 2021 agenda can be found at this link: https://u.osu.edu/apsley.1/2021/03/12/tentative-a-day-in-the-woods-schedule-for-the-remainder-of-2021-now-available/

We continue to add new videos to our collections so be sure to check out the 'TREE ID," "Chainsaw Safety" and "Other Recordings" links at the top of our web page http://u.osu.edu/seohiowoods.

Our latest Tree ID video features American Hazelnut, a shrub that is currently putting on a performance with its showy yellow, male flowers.