Prairie Enthusiasts 2022 Virtual Conference

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Oak Savannas and Woodlands on TPE Preserves - Empire-Sauk Chapter by Rich Henderson

Oak Savanna and Woodland of the Southwest Chapter by Jack Kussmaul

De-Afforestation work in the Minnesota Driftless Chapter by Gabe Ericksen

Restore to what? Savanna Ecosystems are not just “prairie with trees” but complex, dynamic systems worthy of protection and restoration by Mark Leach

Connecting the dots: how does oak savanna restoration alter what controls ground layer plant communities, from Toledo to Madison? by Tyler Bassett

Influence of climate change and fire on prairie and forest biome boundaries in the western Great Lakes region by Lee Frelich

An Overview of Adaptive Management Investigations in Northwestern Ohio's Oak Openings Region by Scott Abella

A comparison of restoration seed mixes and historical plant communities in Midwest oak savannas by Laura Ladwig

Targeted Grazing to Restore Woody-Encroached Oak Savannas by Austin Yantes

Examining Land Use Changes to Evaluate the Effects of Land Management in a Complex, Dynamic Landscape by Amanda Martin

Fire and disease jointly regulate the temperate savanna-forest boundary by Adam Pelligrini

Use of Herbicides in Restoration Projects for Woody Plant Control by Gary Wyatt

The Nachusa Grassland’s Arsenal of Restoration Equipment by Matt Nugent

Introduction to Oak Savanna and Oak Woodland Restoration by Dan Carter

In Bloom - an introduction to nature writing by Dana De Greff

Building the prairie conservation constituency through storytelling by Chris Helzer

Cultivating curiosity through nature journaling by Bethan Burton