Research to Practice Webinar Series "Keys to Effective Pollinator Partnerships with Schools Webinar"

Bumblebee on a blueberry flower in Colleen's garden

We will explore a case study on the design of a pollinator habitat garden with grade school age students.  Discover what makes native pollinator conservation such an effective way to engage students and teachers in hands-on science exploration.  This webinar will guide you with lessons learned on the effective education on this critical topic. You will take away important tips for how to create lasting pollinator gardens with schools and other community organizations.

Colleen M. Sharkey is an environmental educator and naturalist for Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks. At OSU, her work for the Master of Environment and Natural Resources is focused on conservation of native pollinators through education and outreach efforts.  Colleen is development pollinator garden tool kit and curriculum guide for educators working with students in school yard gardens and habitat areas.  This work intends to guide community members in creating gardens that successfully engage students and teachers long-term, while also providing quality pollinator habitat.