Restoring Streams and Wetlands - Final EPN Breakfast

Good morning, EPN!   

We are very excited to welcome you to the final EPN Breakfast of the year, next week’s (Tuesday, December 7) Restoring Streams and Wetlands – Whose Job Is It Anyway?

Mary Mertz (Director, Ohio Department of Natural Resources) will join us in-person to provide an update on H2Ohio and other state initiatives to enhance wetlands and stream corridors.

Gail Hesse (Great Lakes Water Program Director, National Wildlife Federation) will then facilitate a very fun, humorous, and professionally relevant! Q&A with wetland ecologist Mark Dilley (Founder and Co-owner, MAD Scientist Associates) and environmental engineer Brian Tornes (Environmental Division Director, Burgess & Niple) on the skills, trainings, and collaborations among and between professional ecologists and engineers to create sustainable wetland and stream restoration projects.  

For in-person guests joining during our 7:15 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. networking session, dozens of Ohio State Senior Capstone students will be on-hand to present their semester-long capstone project work for numerous state and regional partners.

Thanks, and hope you can join us – for breakfast or virtually – next week!

Joe Campbell and Cecil Okotah