Webinar-Sustainability and Ohio Lands

"Sustainability and Ohio Lands: Creating Value for People and the Environment.”

We have a great line up of speakers and panelists, and will break the day into four separate sessions.  The morning session will start at 10am and feature our three keynote speakers, followed by a panel discussion to engage the keynote speakers in discussion.  In the afternoon we'll have our three panels on sustainability issues in urban, forest, and agricultural spaces.   The panels will be 1 hour each.

We invite you to participate in some or, hopefully, all of this meeting, as we work to better understand the concept of sustainability in Ohio and how it applies to the management of our landscape from a broad set of perspectives.  The panels in particular will be designed to focus on interactive discussion among the three panelists, including discussion of questions submitted by guests.

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Brent Sohngen, Professor, AED Economics, Ohio State University