Another Area Miller Family Leaves a Nature Legacy

April 7, 2015

Monday, April 6, 2015 Highland County Ohio

Expecting rain for the rest of the week I decided I had to get out on the trails today. I travelled to Highland County along the rim of the gorge cut by Rocky Fork Creek to the Eugene and Henrietta Miller Nature Sanctuary.  This was my first visit to that site. I was the only one there except for two old farm dogs that showed up while I was putting my boots on and offered to show me the preserve.  The three of us had a two-hour slow-going hike together. The woods are alive with wildflowers now. I saw at least a dozen (probably more) kinds of wildflowers blooming.   Some were new ones for me including snow trillium and coltsfoot (pictures attached). I think I also saw blue cohosh.  Buckeye trees are leafing out.  And I found a natural limestone arch (picture attached).  It was a great day to be out in the woods. The dogs jumped a deer. The Louisiana Water Thrush was warbling spring notes in the gorge. The preserve is an old (Miller) family homestead.  Reminds me of a similarly named spot here in Lebanon. We got back to the car – all of us tired from walking. And I found that I only had one piece of Easter candy in my pocket to share with the two dogs. The big one won the flip of the coin.

Dave Woehr - SW RiverLands Chapter