Audubon Guide to Winter Bird-Feeding - Steve Kress

Dec. 12, 2013

Audubon Guide to Winter Bird-Feeding

    A world-renowned ornithologist shows how, with the right combination of feeder and food, your backyard can be a refuge for birds and a stage for watching their colorful antics.

By Steve Kress
Published: November-December 2010

More than a hundred bird species supplement their natural diets with foods offered at feeders. They often rely most heavily on feeders in winter, when food is scarce. Additionally, some species will take advantage of backyard refueling stations during spring and fall migrations; others will stop by while nesting during the summer. Selecting a specific feeder design and a variety of foods can set the table for a greater diversity of birds. Choosing more than one will prevent crowding at your backyard buffet. Keep birds coming back with three essential ingredients: the right mix of quality seed and other foods, a source of fresh water for drinking and bathing, and ample cover from native plants. Follow this guide and watch the birds flock to your feeders.

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