Discarded Fishing Line is Dangerous to Wildlife

May. 29, 2013


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Important Wildlife Safety Reminder - Manage Discarded Fishing Line Properly to Prevent Deadly Consequences to Wildlife


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Be Careful With Discared Fishing Line -

Ranger Saves Pileated Woodpecker

 Gary Wilson photo

 If you are familiar with the size of a Pileated Woodpecker (especially the beak!), you know that it is not exactly your lucky day when you get the radio call to rescue one ensnared by discarded fishing line.


Pileateds are crow-sized birds with wood chisels for beaks. But Ranger Phil Basak did not flinch when called upon to save this park wildlife in distress. He calmly untangled the bird and released it. Both bird and ranger were unharmed.


The incident is a good reminder to anglers not to leave any length of fishing line beside streams. For more information about fishing in the Smokies, check out Great Smoky Mountains National Park's fishing website and pick up a free copy of the park's fishing regs at any visitor center.