Escape to the Forest provided by SENR Extension Wildlife and Forestry

April 27, 2020

As you know, we have been asking for your input on developing online content. Thanks to everyone who has filled out our survey so far! If you’d still like to participate, click this link: We’d love to hear your thoughts.

We’ve already been working to create content. Hopefully you have had the chance to visit our new RESOURCES tab on We have begun posting NEW content on Fridays about Ohio’s woodlands, wildlife, invasive species, and more! Content will come in a variety of forms such as webinars, pre-recorded presentations, videos, or articles. Sometimes we will share excellent resources that have already been created by our partners and fellow colleagues. We’ve decided to name this initiative - Friday’s Escape to the Forest

Once again, we thank you all for being such loyal supporters over the years.

Be Safe! 

Ohio Woodland Stewards