Field and Stream Hero for a Day 2013: Cleaning Up an Ohio River Tributary

Nov. 20, 2013

The Little Miami River spans four counties and 105 miles, dropping into the dolomitic Clifton Gorge and running through several state and local parks before emptying into the mighty Ohio River upstream from the City of Cincinnati. This National Wild and Scenic River is home to saugeye, catfish, and smallmouth bass, and it stands as an example of how a damaged river can recover with attention from anglers and the surrounding community—50-percent of its banks have been returned to forestland over the past 45 years.

With the help of the Little Miami River Kleeners, a non-profit volunteer organization, the Bellbrook community showed its support and pride for their river’s health by volunteering to remove tons of trash, dumped both deliberately and accidentally, from the Little Miami’s waters in June of this year. More than 200 volunteers helped with the 14 simultaneous cleanups, which took place on land and by canoe over 18 miles, from Clifton Reserve in Clark County to River’s Edge Canoe Livery in southern Greene County.

Hero for a Day Video Description

More than 200 volunteers of all ages took to the water in Bellbrook, Ohio, to help the Little Miami River Kleeners remove half a ton of trash—including 112 tires, a TV, an inflatable swimming pool, and more—from nearly 30 miles of the Ohio River tributary.

Little Miami River Kleeners website:

Little Miami River Cleanup Results - June 8, 2013