A Force for Nature: Lucy Braun

Nov. 24, 2020

Who was a giant among men in the early 20th century? A women, Cincinnati native Dr. E. Lucy Braun. Assertive, brilliant, driven and dedicated, E. Lucy Braun was a pioneering figure in the newly accepted field of plant ecology. She was a scientist, educator and conservationist with remarkable abilities to lead and inspire others to the benefit of the natural world. Her extraordinary life is compellingly documented in the film, A Force for Nature: Lucy Braun, a co-production of Meg Hanrahan Media and Voyageur Media Group.

A Force for Nature, Lucy Braun, is now available to stream or download!


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Lucy (left) and Annette Braun, early leaders in the conservation movement, helped preserve natural places in Ohio and Kentucky, including the Edge of Appalachia Preserve System in Adams County, Ohio. Courtesy: Braun Photographic Collection, Cincinnati History Library & Archives, Cincinnati Museum Center.