Glacial Animation - Accumulation, Ablation, and Glacial Landscape

Feb. 13, 2014
Ohio's landscape has been transformed and changed by the vast glacial sheets of ice that swept across the landscape during the Ice Age.
This model from the University of Kentucky explores the nature of glaciers, focusing on how they form and move, and how they erode terrain and deposit sediment.  The model at the end allows you to explore the growth and retreat of glaciers as climatic conditions change.


Jakobsavn Glacier is one of the Fastest Moving Glaciers

in Greenland

Glacier Landforms takes a look at the erosive forces of moving ice

Mountain/Tidewater Glacial Animation -

Push the button to make the glacier surge! This animation displays a simplified model of a typical mountain glacier. As it advances, you will see the glacier push  rocks and gravel to produce end moraines.