Hocking Hills Region Chapter Spotlight

May. 7, 2015

Welcome to the Hocking Hills Region

These Hills Are Alive!

The OCVN chapter in the Hocking Hills Region was formed in 2008, soon after our first class finished OCVN training. To date, we have had five classes and have graduated about 100 people. We all feel fortunate to be involved in our region of the state. Our local history and natural environment is rich and diverse. We look forward to sharing as much as we can with the rest of the state at the 2015 OCVN State Conference being held this year at Camp Oty'Okwa.

Our classes were well designed from the beginning, with a variety of teachers and with field training in multiple local sites of natural interest. Our instructors have been unfailingly supportive and helpful and form the core of our many local alliances. They also understand that we want to continue to learn, and provide relevant information and experiences continuously. Our connections with local and state agencies continue to grow and mature.

While centered in Hocking County, from the beginning we named our chapter as the Hocking Hills Region, because we want to include all who have an interest in our region. We have graduates from at least nine surrounding counties and know that our members have contributed in their home areas as well as within our region. While it is challenging to communicate and stay connected to such a scattered group, it enlarges our network and keeps us diverse.

Illustrating our diversity, we have members volunteering with ODNR, DNAP, ONAPA, Hocking Soil and Water Conservation District, county and local parks in multiple sites, Appalachia Ohio Alliance, Columbus Metro Parks, Rural Action Alliance, Wayne National Forest, the Audubon Society, Buckeye Trail Association, local school groups and other organizations as well.  The types of work our volunteers have been involved are widely varied, and we believe are in keeping with the OCVN mission.

In  2014, we donated 1801 volunteer hours with an additional 411 hours of advanced training which will further enhance our knowledge and skills. The value to the Hocking Hills Region for our volunteer service is $38,650  (2014 Ohio value of each volunteer hour is $21.49).

"Forget the Box, Just think Outside"

Enjoy the Conference!

Members of OCVN Hocking Hills Region

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