Holiday Traditions Workshop at Caesar Creek Nature Center

Dec. 8, 2014

Caesar's Creek State Park Naturalist, Erin Shaw collaborated with the SW RiverLands Chapter of the Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalists (OCVN) to host the Annual Caesar Creek State Park Holiday Traditions Workshop on Saturday, December 6, 2014.  The workshop was started over twenty years ago by Naturalist Carol Fassig (now currently enjoying her retirement) and has been held at the Caesar's Creek Nature Center every year since.

More than 45 men, women and children braved the rainy weather to design and assemble holiday wreaths, swags and other festive decorations using a variety of natural materials gathered in and around the Caesar's Creek area. Native wildflower, garden herb, heirloom flower and native tree and shrub materials were grown, collected and dried by SW RiverLands OCVN over the summer and fall months.  Collection locations included the Mercer Smith Historical Park (circa-1799) in downtown Fairborn, the Internationally recognized Wright Patterson AFB Medical Center Gardens, and several private woodland gardens of the SW RiverLands OCVN's.

Workshop attendees were delighted to have such a plethora of unique and historic plant material to work with.  White cedar, Douglas fir, white and scotch pine branches, wild grape vines, sweet gum balls, acorns, buckeyes, hickory nuts, milkweed pods, as well as Norway, white spruce, hemlock, white and scotch pine cones were in abundance.  

Complementing the tree greenery were flower and herb varieties that Thomas Jefferson grew at Monticello in the early 1800's including yarrow,  nigella, black-eyed susan, purple coneflower, English lavender, sage, rosemary,  and thyme.

Hot chocolate, herbal tea, fresh brewed coffee and holiday baked goods added to the ambiance. Fond holiday memories that will be long remembered were created at the Caesar Creek Nature Center that rainy day.

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