Mac-O-Chee Creek - Perspectives on Stream Restoration.....Four Years Later in Logan County

March 5, 2014

The Piatt Castles Mac-O-Chee Creek Restoration

Ohio Division of Wildlife

Join Wild Ohio as Mac-O-Chee Creek is visited four years after restoration. The transition has been very successful for the stream's ecosystem.

Project Benefits

Reduced Flooding

The restored floodplain acts as nature’s filter at flood stage,

breaking down pollutants, trapping sediments, and helping prevent damaging flood events.

Stream Habitat

The restored stream supports greater populations of many fish like

the brown trout and endangered tonguetied minnow, as well as aquatic insects

and other wildlife.


Plants and trees planted in the restored area create a natural environment,

allowing  pollutants to be filtered by the plants, keeping water temperatures low, maintaining

healthy levels of dissolved oxygen, and improved fish and wildlife habitat.

Better Fishing!

The restored section of Mac-O-Chee Creek supports a diverse array of fish and

wildlife, including the feisty brown trout, and is open to public fishing.


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