Monarch City USA - Cowan Lake State Park - Official Member

March 29, 2019

Great strides are being made across the county to protect the Monarch Butterfly. Monarch City USA plants milkweed and wildflowers, raises caterpillars at home, tags adult butterflies for research and, most importantly, educates others!

Cowan Lake State Park has made a promise to the monarchs by becoming an official member of Monarch City USA! Cowan is the first park in Ohio to be designated and only the second park in the nation. More is being done at Cowan Lake to help this species.  Would you like to join us?

A one acre prairie is in planning stages, thousands of milkweed seeds were spread last fall, the pollinator garden was expanded, small areas of nectur plants are being added to the campground, and a large monarch waystation is being planted at the Naturalist Cabin. If you have a true passion for pollinators, volunteers are needed to help plan our upcoming Pollination Celebration scheduled in June.

To help out with these projects, contact Naturalist, Mandy Wolski: