New Information Circular (IC 63) Sales Continue to Increase

Feb. 7, 2014

New Information Circular Explores
Ohio's Near-Surface Geology

Update - The IC63 circular has become one of the top selling ODNR Geological Survey publications of all times.  This is an excellent publication for anyone interested in Ohio Geology. 

Order from the Ohio Geological Survey at link below. 

November 21, 2013—The Ohio Geological Survey has released a new information circular (IC) that details the state's surficial deposits and near-surface bedrock units. The new IC 63, entitled Ohio's Geology in Core and Outcrop—A Field Guide for Citizens and Environmental and Geotechnical Investigators, marks the culmination of more than three years of work by authors Greg Schumacher, Brian Mott, and Mike Angle.

Information Circular 63 is the brainchild of lead author Greg Schumacher, who recently retired after more than 30 years as a Survey geologist.

"This guide is a perfect companion for anyone who is interested in Ohio's near-surface geology," says Schumacher. "Using IC 63 along with geologic maps, readers will get a complete view of the geology beneath their feet, anywhere in the state."

Funded in part by a grant from the Ohio Environmental Education Fund, administered by Ohio EPA, the entire project involved several workshops and field trips for naturalists, educators, geoscientists, and engineers, with the goal of educating audiences about Ohio’s geology. Each time, Schumacher solicited feedback from the participants and used that information to mold the final publication.

The result is a detailed, comprehensive view of the diagnostic features of Ohio’s near-surface geologic units in both natural and man-made exposures, as well as in core drilled through these geologic units.

The spiral-bound publication is printed on waterproof paper using waterproof inks and is designed for use indoors and in the field. The field guide provides a succinct summary of the state’s geology through an introductory section and 65 fact sheets describing more than 100 surficial and bedrock units found across the Ohio landscape.

Fact sheets for Ohio's surficial and near-surface bedrock units feature information on geologic, engineering and hydrogeologic properties that will be useful to educators, industry and research experts, and rock hounds alike.

A thorough introduction explains geologic time, describes Ohio’s surficial and near-surface geology, explores the history of Ohio’s near-surface bedrock geology, and describes Survey map products and how to use them. Each of the fact sheets describes the geologic, engineering, and hydrogeologic properties of Ohio’s rocks and is enhanced with full-color photographs, diagrams, and maps. An extensive reference list and a further reading section are also provided for readers interested in learning more about each geologic unit.

All of these features provide a field guide that will aid readers—from students and amateur geologists to experienced geotechnical professionals—in identifying and understanding Ohio’s complex geology.

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