Ohio Birds and BioDiversity - TriColored Bats

July 12, 2014

A tightly packed scrum of Tricolored Bats, Perimyotis subflavus, clusters in the dim recess of a building in Warren County, Ohio. I was down at Caesar Creek Reservoir last weekend to meet with our planning committee for this Saturday's Butterfly Workshop, spearheaded by the Midwest Native Plant Society (organized to run the annual Midwest Native Plant Conference). I was pleased indeed to learn that the building that we were meeting in plays host to a pack of these tiny bats. Not only that, but what we have here is a maternity colony!  there are eleven or twelve adult female Tricolored Bats in the Scrum: the grayer, smaller bats are recently born offspring a week or so of age.


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Photo Credit - Jim McCormac - used with permission