Ohio Native Plant Month APRIL!

Jan. 14, 2020

Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalists

It would be wonderful if you joined in this celebration to help brand in people's minds that there is an Ohio Native Plant Month that everyone needs to know about.

OCVNs know better the benefits of using native plants and ridding nature of invasive plants but the attached sheets will make it easy for them to spread the word.

We hope everyone who does something will use the Ohio Native Plant logo and tell us what they are doing on the attached form so we can post it on the new website!  We hope you will write an article about its importance, get your volunteers to adopt a school or garden patch and individuals to plant native trees, flowers or grasses.

Excitement is building!  ODNR is going to host many walks in their natural areas and preserves, OPN is making a special seed blend, a garden club is making mud seed balls, a regional group is featuring a different native plant each day on their website and cities are having Earth Day celebrations featuring the use of natives. Parks, zoos, garden clubs, the nursery industry, etc. are all thinking of creative ways to celebrate! 

We hope the OCVN volunteers will help us spread the word, develop a group project and do something in their own yards.  The more involvement we can generate, the more our environment will prosper!  The more we can turn local ideas into lasting change and turn peoples thoughts from weedy to wonderful through natural, regenerative landscape design, the more natural areas we can preserve and the more we have a chance to survive climate change.  What can OCVNs do?  Label all your activities in April as ONPM activities?  Host a program on native plants?  Plan an Earth Day event with a native plant focus? Lead a wildflower tour?

Please let me know what you all will be doing and how we can work together to make great things happen for Ohio.

We look forward to working with you to fulfill the potential of Ohio Native Plant Month this April.

Thanks so much!

Hope and Nancy

Ohio Native Plant Month promoters

Nancy Linz  

Hope Taft

Our New Website: http://www.ohionativeplantmonth.org/