Ohio State Parks and Preserves Naturalist of the Year Announced

Aug. 14, 2014

From Pike Lake State Park Naturalist Conference - August 12, 2014

Congratulations to Erin Shaw, who has been named Ohio State Parks' Naturalist of the Year! Erin is a familiar and friendly face to visitors at Cowan Lake State Park, Caesar Creek State Park and Little Miami State Park and has served as a park naturalist for almost 8 years following a career as a school teacher. Join us in thanking her for her hard work and dedication!

Erin has been a wonderful supporter of the SW RiverLands (SWRL) OCVN Program. She serves as a valued instructor and mentor helping train and certify over 125 OCVNs during the past 7 years.   Erin continues to assist the SWRL Chapter to recruit additional volunteers. She sponsors hands-on opportunities for the OCVNs to help the public enjoy their visit to the parks thru archery, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, hiking, wildlife observation, fossil collecting, camping, photography and outdoor cooking. The OCVNs help her provide outdoor educational field trip experiences for over 1000 school kids each year through the Caesar Creek and Cowan Lake elementary school programs. Erin has produced over 50 Nature's Corner Videos in partnership with the Lebanon Cable TV Channel.  Many OCVNs have been featured as guest speakers in these programs. The most recent program is A Visit to Cedar Bog with SWRL OCVN , Jim Lemon.

A team of about 30 SWRL OCVN volunteers have rallied around Erin's leadership to provide summer naturalist support to several SW Ohio State Parks. These volunteers are averaging over 150 hours weekly and are making a huge difference in the State Parks this Summer to give Visitors a Quality Nature Experience!

The members of the SW RiverLands Chapter are extremely grateful for the Support, Leadership, Guidance and Mentorship Erin has given us over the years!

The OCVN Experience in SW Ohio is alive and well thanks to Erin's efforts!

Check out the numerous comments and congrats to Erin on the Ohio State Parks August 12, 2014 Facebook page.


Naturalist of the Year - Erin Shaw at Pike Lake State Park - August 12, 2014