Prairie Plantings - An Assemblage Of Life

Aug. 13, 2014

Jim McCormac of Ohio Birds and BioDiversity - describes his success of converting a barren mowed lawn largely lacking in life into a vibrant prairie enviroment full of interesting plants and animals.  In two growing seasons, the transformation has been totally amazing at this 1/3 acre site located at the 1 Fountain Square - ODNR Headquarters on Morse Road in Columbus.

                                                                                               Photo by Jim McCormac

"If You Plant it, They will Come" - Jim McCormac

A prairie comes to life   July 14, 2014

Plant hires ant bodyguards   July 24, 2014


Ohio Department of Natural Resources GO Native Information

A healthy and diverse ecosystem is important for clean air and water, soil stability and provides critical food and shelter for wildlife.

Whether adding a few native plants to your landscape or substituting them in for exotic species, there are many benefits to going native! The interest in native gardening is increasing, so check with your local nursery to determine what’s available and which plants are best suited to your landscape needs.

Why plant native species?

  • Good for wildlife, such as birds and butterflies
  • Costs less and saves time due to lower maintenance requirements
  • Saves water because natives are best suited for an Ohio climate
  • No need for fertilizers or pesticides
  • Native plants control erosion and filter storm water

Native Species Lists

The following lists are organized by habitat. The species represented were chosen because they are relatively common native plants. They generally are not weedy and are thought to be fairly easy to grow. No threatened or endangered species are included. The availability of these species for sale in Ohio nurseries has not been confirmed.