Unique Views of the World - Glaciers of the American West

Feb. 13, 2014
The Glaciers of the American West web site and its content comes from the Departments of Geology and Geography at Portland State University, Portland, Oregon based on funding from the National Science Foundation, NASA, and the US Geological Survey.                              Photo of Grasshopper Glacier - Montana


States With Glaciers

In the Western US, glaciers and permanent icefields range from the massie rivers of ice on Mount Rainier that are over 8 km (5 mi.) long to tiny patches of ice in the Rocky Mountains not much larger than a city block. Glaciers can be found in the states of Washington, Wyoming, Montana, California, Oregon, Colorado, Idaho and Nevada. In the past, glaciers covered many of the mountain ranges in the American West, but today there are many fewer places where the mountains are cold and wet enough to support them. The map below shows regions with glaciers in purple.

Map of Glaciers of Western US