Woody Woodpecker - What is he?

March 4, 2014
Do you remember Woody Woodpecker?  
And his laugh?        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3caNrHJ7q1g

If so, you are among the millions of American kids who spent many a Saturday morning in front of the TV watching cartoons of Woody and some of his cartoon friends like Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. Woody has been causing trouble since 1940 and to this day, is still appearing around the world. Allegedly, a noisy California acorn woodpecker kept Walter Lantz and his new bride up at night during their honeymoon. Walter wanted to shoot the thing, but his wife Gracie suggested he make a cartoon about the crazy bird.  Woody was born and took on some characteristics of our native pileated woodpecker. These include the pileus and the characteristic laugh which somewhat resembles the call of the pileated woodpecker.

So, for all of you bird watchers out there...what is he?  A Pileated Or Acorn Woodpecker?

Read more of his interesting story and view cartoons below.... 


Origin from wikipedia

According to Walter Lantz's press agent, the idea for Woody came during the producer's honeymoon with his wife, Gracie, in Sherwood Lake, California. A noisy acorn woodpecker[1] outside their cabin kept the couple awake at night, and when a heavy rain started, they learned that the bird had bored holes in their cabin's roof. As both Walter and Gracie told Dallas attorney Rod Phelps during a visit, Walter wanted to shoot the thing, but Gracie suggested that her husband make a cartoon about the bird, and thus Woody was born.[4]

Although allegedly based on an acorn woodpecker, Woody shares many characteristics in common with the pileated woodpecker in terms of both physical appearance as well as his characteristic laugh, which resembles the call of the pileated woodpecker. These similarities are apparently the result of the artistic license of the creators, and have caused much confusion within the birding community amongst those who have attempted to classify Woody's species.[1]

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