1. Nature's Corner - Bird Banding at Caesar Creek

    Mar 27, 2015

    Caesar Creek Naturalist and SW RiverLands OCVN,  Erin Shaw talks with Master Bird Bander - Bob Thobaben at the US Army Corps of Engineers Caesar Creek Lake Visitor and Learning Center - Waynesville, Ohio

    Produced March, 2015 by the City of Lebanon, Ohio

  2. Wildlife Watchers - New volunteer program_Stark Parks

    Mar 26, 2015

    Starting April 1, 2015 - ongoing

    A new volunteer program is beginning at the Stark County Park District called Wildlife Watchers.

    WILDLIFE WATCHERS - Spend time in the parks or on the trails

  3. Wild Ohio - Swans

    Mar 17, 2015

    Wild Ohio - Birding for Beginners - Swans

  4. Checklist Summaries Released of Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC) Feb 13-16, 2015

    Mar 10, 2015

    Thank you very much for participating in the Great Backyard Bird Count. Participants from more than 100 countries submitted a record 147,265 checklists, and reported 5090 species – nearly half the world’s bird species! A summary of the record-breaking 2015 results from Audubon, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and Bird Studies Canada can be found on the GBBC website:

  5. Six Ways to Save Monarchs

    Mar 8, 2015

    Monarch Butterfly courtesy of wikipedia commons

    Monarch butterflies are in trouble. Over the last few decades, populations of these iconic orange and black butterflies have declined by over 90 percent. 

    Read More:|STMem

  6. Frogs that Freeze Solid

    Mar 8, 2015

    Wood frogs are beginning to wake up for their spring breeding season.

    Learn more about how these amphibians survive the winter frozen completely solid.

  7. Education and Learning Options -- On-Going Programs

    Feb 18, 2015

    Regional and Statewide Calendars of Events for 2015

    Ohio State Parks host events all year long from themed campouts to hands-on learning seminars. Search their calendar at

    New! Webinar Training Website


    Second Wednesdays | 1:00 – 2:00pm ET of every month at

  8. Ohio Birds and Biodiversity - Cooper's Hawk - A Swift and Deadly Natural Predator

    Feb 17, 2015

    Jim McCormac's has written a very interesting article regarding the Cooper's Hawk.It was published in the Columbus Dispatch on Sunday, February 15, 2015. 

    Wonderful photos and very interesting facts about the role they play in the ecological balance of Nature.

  9. Lake and Reservoir Turnover - The Big Flip

    Feb 14, 2015

    Have you ever gone to a lake or reservoir in the fall to find that it smells like sulfur, has a unusual color, and decomposing vegetation in the water? What you are witnessing is a lake or reservoir turnover. Lakes and reservoirs in Ohio usually have two turnover periods, one in the fall and another in the spring. Depending upon the lake or reservoir, it is also possible for some waters to experience additional turnovers between these periods if conditions are just right.

  10. Ohio's Muskellunge Program

    Feb 13, 2015

    Ohio's Muskellunge Program